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The Royals (Sky TV comedy drama

Press Photographer, Background

Stadium Worker, Background

Old 'Spirited' Hen (Beer Commercial

Featured role

UniBet (Commercial

Sports spectator, Background



Holby City (BBC TV Hospital Drama series) 

Dad (Skype Video) Featured role

Patient, Background

Undercover (BBC Drama series

Uniformed Police, Background

Agatha Raisin (Sky TV Drama series

Mortury staff, Background

Boomers  (BBC TV Drama series) 

Diner, Background

Copa90 (TV Commercial

Football, Background

The Royals (Sky TV Series

Reporter, Background

Obsession 3 (Sky TV documentary Series

Mormon churchgoer, Background


LondonGrad  (Russian TV Drama series) 

Darren the Paramedic, Featured Role

My Best friends Wedding (Feature Film

Pub Drinker, Background

Betway Commercial (Gambling Commercial

Football, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, Audience/General Background

Midsomer Murders  (TV Drama series) 

Cycle pitt boss, Featured Role

Storage Hunters UK  (TV Drama series) 

Buyer/Bidder, Featured Role

Lucky Man  ( SKY TV Drama series) 

Stand - in, Body Double

Passer-by, Background role

Millionaire Gambler, Background role


69 Rooms  (Film) 

Hotel Manager, main cast

Papa Johns pizza (Commercial) 

World record Holder/Commercial

Amazon (TV series) 

Office worker, Background

Dinosaur Britain (TV Documentary/History series)

Holiday maker Husband, Featured role


Serial Killers  (Sky TV drama series) 

Shooting Witness

Bollywood  (Bollywood movie) 

General Background

Pringles  (TV Commercial) 

World record holder

The Chase  (Discovery channel, TV drama series) 

New Jersey Task Force

Duck Quacks don't Echo  (Sky TV) 

Wedding Guest

The Last Panthers  (Sky TV drama series) 

Conference Delegate


Gunned Down  (Feature Film) 

Armed Response Police - Live Fire, Background role

Heineken   (TV Commercial) 

Security, Background role

Lucky Man  (TV Series) 

Millionaire Gambler, Background role

Fan   (Bollywood Film) 

PassengerBackground role


The Last Cinema  (Short Film) 

Gary, Lead role

George, Gloria and Jasmine   (Short Film) 

George, Lead role

Wishful Thinking   (Short Film) 

Dad, Featured role

Holby   (TV Series) 

Hospital visitor, Background role

Footlocker Advert   (Commercial) 

Background role


Siblings   (TV Comedy series) 

First class passenger, Background role

Apocalypse Slough  (TV Comedy series) 

Vatican Priest, 2 episodes,  Background role


Humans   (TV drama Sci-Fi series) 

Uniformed Police, Background role



Bathroom Scales (TV Ident) 

‘Legs'  Featured


Fall and Rise of the Krays (Feature Film) 

‘Lawyer’ Background

Co-Op,  TV Commercial

 Shopper, Background

Humans   (TV drama Sci-Fi series) 

Uniformed Police, Background role

You, Me and Them  ( TV comedy series )
Restaurant goer/Passer-by, Background role

Coral’ TV Commercial, 

Café Chef , Walk-on role


TV presenter course 


Pinewood Studios

Showreel 1


Training Video 

Office Manager - Featured Role

'Humans'  TV Drama (Sci-Fi) 

Uniformed Police- Supporting Role

Guitar Hero,  Interactive Video Game

Pit Security - Supporting Role

You, Me and Them, TV comedy series (Anthony Head)

Restuarant Goer and Passer by - Supporting Role


'Goodyear Tyres' Online commercial 

- Supporting Role

Rise of The Krays,  1950's period Feature Film

Court Lawyer - Supporting Role

 'LondonGrad' Russian TV series 

 Theatre-goer - Supporting Role



'Obsession II' Dark Desires

(Episode 207) 

Sky TV Docu-Drama,

Removals man, - Featured Role

KeraFiber  Online Commercial

'Hair Model'


Samaritans,  Training Video

'Suicidal Alcoholic' - Featured Role

Audible,  TV Commercial

'Audiobooks TV commercial,
- Supporting Role

Glue,  TV drama E4

Prisoner  - Supporting Role

Age of Kill,  Feature Film

Uniformed Police

The Royals,  TV drama

Glitterati, Crowd Scene  - Background Role


QualComm,  TV Commercial

'3G' TV commercial, Russia,

Tulip Fever,  Period Film 

Brewer (1637 Amsterdam) - Supporting Role

(Film due for release in 2015)

Go Compare,  TV Commercial

Wiggle Workout 


Invisible Men,  Drama Film 

Immigration Officer - Featured Role

(Film due for release in 2015)

Walter,  TV Drama 

Commuter - Supporting Role

Autopsy (- Brittany Murphy),  Documentary

Los Angeles Fire Department Paramedic

Channel 5 Documentary


Creditors, Comedy/Drama Film 

with  Simon Callow

(Film due for release in 2015)

02, Be more dog, TV Commercial 

 IMDB Page

its here at last... my very own IMDB page

please check it out......


Breaking the Bank, Comedy Film 

with  Kelsey Grammer and Tamsin Grieg

Film due for release in 2014, i was a 'Banker' and also one of the 'Party-goers', 


Holby City  - BBC

Supporting Artist for Holby city as Holiday maker/Passenger



Top Dog, The Movie 

Gangster Film

by Martin Kemp

Film due for release in 2014, i was one of the SO19 officers, Pictures taken in 'Raided' pub beer garden, 


International Film Festival

Short film 'Softly Softly' 

Speaking Role

Played 'Detective' in film with Mark Arnold (Santa Barbara) and others on set mid shoot



Shot my first online commercial this month, for 'Planetsavers' commercial and security lighting company


shortly followed by next online commercial, for 'Hungarian Timeshare co.' 



Signed up with Anna Scher theatre workshops, in  London, N1



Appeared in musical theatre drama

'Matchgirls' at Wiltons Music Hall

London matchgirls strike of 1888

The strike was caused by the poor working conditions in the match factory, including fourteen-hour work days, poor pay, excessive fines and the severe health complications of working with white phosphorus, such as 'phossy jaw'but was sparked by the dismissal of one of the workers on or about 2 July 1888




Currently (Mar/Apr 2014)  airing on QUEST TV  

Friday night 9pm

I have just finished filming for a part on a Discovery Channel documentary 'The rise of the Nazi's' on the end of WWII as 'Martin Bormann', ( Hitlers personal Secretary and Bodyguard) 

Shooting started on 19th May in Kingston Town Hall, followed by 3 more days shooting on 22/24th/30th May in 'The Secret bunker,' Kelvedon Hatch

Here are a small selection of photos



attended workshops on:

Building Character

Inside the audition

After being in talks with film producer, i have managed to get a small part in a British Thriller/Horror 'Dead Lies' as a Pub singer, 

to be filmed later in year... 



attended workshops on:

Enhance your voice

Projecting a successful image

 Attended workshop and audition for musical theatre role, in Wiltons Music hall, East London

I was successful and was offered a supporting role, but this also included a musical number - woohoo!!